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What is ThinkRooter?

As a progressing economy, India finds itself at the threshold of creating exciting new possibilities. The workforce is looking at new horizons and opportunities, and figuring out ways to get there. This calls for a pressing need to have a one stop multidimensional platform where the different jigsaw pieces of a future-ready India finally come together. THINK ROOTER is an established consortium having focused on bringing together key players from the different domains.THINK ROOTER is not just encouraging the dynamic exchange of ideas, trends and innovations for a brave new world. As a one-stop hub, it is integrating, inspiring and enabling global revolution.

  • Significant stakeholders from all disciplines
  • Visionary thought leadership from across communities
  • Powerful opinions from within the industry
  • Value proposition not only today but more so in coming years
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Business Network
Think rooter is first Indian consortium that interconnect different stakeholders, including the government, private industry, academia, businesses or a startup on one profitable ecosystem.
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Global Coverage
Think rooter works across industries network to pick up global opportunities & further capitalise upon the generated requirements by working closely with the industry partners & elite members of its consortium.
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Opportunity Stream
With nearly two decades of economic liberalization coupled with young population, India is growing strong  & Think Rooter aim to capitalise on the business opportunities arising out of growing India.

How ThinkRooter exactly works ?

We Plan

We Pitch

We Collaborate

We Deliver


Responding to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call to foster innovation & job creation in the country. Think rooters has come up with a phenomenon network which will end the struggle of finding the best merchant to a buyer or best customer to a service. Together.


We launched India’s first consortium to offer all services under one roof and bring you the best of the expertise from all across the globe. We are desirous of expanding customer’s footprint in certain niche and growing its business nationally and globally.


Think rooter is a value proposition not only today but also in coming years, as we create mutual growth synergies for and  with our Associates . We invite everyone to be a part of this phenomenon extremely selective  platform. 


Our Clients

Our main aim is to work with you and help you grow your business. We serve as a team. When you grow, so do we. Our clientele includes a broad range of industries and range from Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Government to Multinational Companies (MNCs).

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